Do you ship your decor worldwide?
I'm happy to say yes, I do.

What are the shipping costs for your decor?
Within Canada - $10 cad

To the United States - $15 cad

Internationally - $25 cad

What are the shipping times like?
Usually a few days to a few weeks. However, covid is still here and
Ontario is just re-opening so times could be a little longer right now.

Where or how do you offer interior styling services?
I offer my services virtually! This is a great option for anyone
who wants/needs a space transformed without renovations,
but isn't sure what to do or doesn't have the time to do it!

What interior styling services exactly do you offer?

What are the costs for a design project like?
The rates start at $75-$100 per small room, $100-$125 per large room. The actual cost will depend on the amount of work I'm doing!


If you have a small shop or studio that is in need of a makeover,
I can happily help! The price will be between $1,000 - $3,000 depending on where in the GTHA you are (if work is in person),
the size of your space, and amount of work being done as well!

How will makeovers be done and what do you charge?
1. I meet with clients to find out what they want done and envision

2. Get measurements and photos of space(s) so I can draw current floor plan and 2-3 ideas for the makeover so there will be options

3. Show clients my design/material ideas, and we make decisions!

4. Order time! I choose small shops to support local to the home or shop, making sure furniture and decor can be delivered same day

5. IF painting or any design work is required, that will be done be- fore delivery day so when furniture arrives it is a matter of set up!

6. The morning of delivery day, I'll arrive at the location to be there when items are delivered. I get everything set up while clients hang out or go out, so they get the full effect of a before + after surprise.

If you go the all virtual route, on delivery day you and your friends/
family get to do the fun set up and send me photos of the awesome
results! If you choose this option, you will get credit for the images!

*please note: if the work being done is virtual your consultation, sourced products being shown, and any other meetings will be
on Zoom but you'll stay heavily involved in the project of course!

What efforts do you make to be be eco-friendly/sustainable? 

When ordering items for a makeover I consider fabric type, ethical sourcing, packaging, what a company does within their community, and the impact they have on their customers and our planet too.

When creating decor I use materials that are recyclable and when I
make home good products, I only make items that can/will be used
for a long period of time. If a home goods item of mine you do not
want anymore and it's in good condition, please give it to some-
one in need or donate it somewhere to keep things out of landfill :)