Creating A Cozy Cottage Bedroom Oasis

Updated: Apr 4

In July 2021 my mom, brother, two adorable cats, and I moved into a new apartment. We had sold the home my grandparents owned for 70+ years earlier that year. While it was hard to say goodbye to this home with so much history it was sold to a couple keeping it as a family home, and I know my memories from that big brick house will always be with me. Those two things I found some comfort in, and still do to this day. Although the apartment we are in is nice, it came with a lot of holes and screws still in the walls from the previous renters. I became a certified designer and decorator in 2021, and have done plastering before so this fixer upper was/is easy enough for me to do on my own. My bedroom is the only one that has all the furniture needed and has been fully decorated, so I recently did the plastering and painting to finish this project! It took nine months but I am happy to say my room makeover is DONE! If you're curious how I did it, the cost of everything, and what companies and small shops I bought products from, please keep reading for the details and information! Even when (re)designing spaces in my place I start with measurements and a floor

plan. Without that I can't know what size furniture I can get, how much paint would be needed, what kind of window coverings to buy, etc. So, I of course started here.

I drew three floor plans because I wanted to see different options on where every piece of furniture could go before making final decisions. Once I had done this, the most important thing to do was decide on what interior style and colour palette to

go with. I decided to go for modern cottage style with vintage touches, a style I've always loved and have never done in my own room before. Pink and green with a hint of golden yellow I chose as my colours because I knew they would look great together, in the right shades. With these details figured out, it was time to start the sourcing and shopping! My goal was to only support companies that try to be eco- friendly and are small businesses located in the city I live in, Toronto. This was fun! I didn't bring any furniture with me to this apartment so I needed a bed, place to put my clothes, a desk and chair, and a shelf to store things on. At the time Ikea had a decent amount of items in stock and I know they make sturdy pieces plus efforts to be planet conscious so it was here I bought my platform bed, wood + steel standing shelf, and the desk my Cricut Maker sits on. The storage units on both sides are from Michael's Craft Store, and were bought after I realized just the desk would not be enough space for all my design supplies and the many

Cricut materials I have. Needing more storage is why my office + art space has been moved a time or two since buying it. I have all the storage/furniture that I need and I love my decor choices, everything worked out quite well I think! I wanted a chair and small table to put in front of my window, so I could have a dedicated space for my morning routine and to read at. Finding perfect pieces took time but I found a wooden swivel table (with two table tops) at Umbra I fell in love with, then as I was wandering through Structube one day I came across a gorgeous golden yellow vintage velvet chair. Once again, I fell in love with a piece of furniture. As I filled my room with furniture and got things put in place, behind the scenes I debated how to paint my room once holes were all filled in. The debate was this: do I leave what I want to be an accent wall white and use removable vinyl to make flowers for a wallpaper look or just paint that wall a pretty shade of pink? I went with option two because a wallpaper style floral pattern anywhere on the walls would have given my room more of a vintage look than I was going for. My first choice for pink was a more pale shade, but when I went to Benjamin Moore just two months ago pink was a colour with limited options (pink always seems to be popular); I looked over a few other options and decided Toasted Mauve would be the lucky shade of pink to be used for my accent wall. October Mist, a shade close to sage green, I chose as the green shade that would be my primary colour. It's a colour that makes me feel calm and happy. I love painting rooms, but taping and the clean up is annoying. Overall I enjoyed painting on my own and am proud of the result! The walls are smooth finally, and the green and pink contrast well together! All decor is from small and mainly women owned businesses, which I'm excited about and quite proud of! Dried flowers are an obsession of mine, so I have a bunch of them in my room. All the bouquets on my shelf and desk are from Euclid Farms, and all but one of those bouquets I have in vases/candlestick holders from The Apartment Life (hands down one of the cutest vintage stores in the whole city, run buy one of the sweetest human beings). The vinyl decal above my desk with this shops name is by me, I made and put that up myself. The prints on my desk, shelf, and by my window are by a few artists and shop owners - check out all the photos on Instagram for proper tags of what piece of work is by who! The spot of my room where my bed is I really love now that everything is put together. The white comforter with a tufted pattern make my bed look like a cloud, and it feels that way too thanks to a comfy mattress! On one of the walls above my bed sits two canvas prints (Best Cavnas) of beautiful lake photographs I had taken when I was near Huntsville a few summers back. Every time I look at them I'm taken back to days I spent at cottages and my trailer, and that is exactly what I want! On the connecting wall, above my pillows, are three prints by Snapture This (veneer frames I made), who is a super talented local artist here in Toronto I admire. She has a store in downtown Toronto to shop at! Finally, there is the window area and the serene, relaxing vibe that was created there. This is the specific spot I do my personal development every morning, and do some reading before I really get my day going. The wooden table with two tabletops that swivel is from Umbra, and the hanging planter that looks great in my window I also found there! The vintage golden yellow velvet chair I mentioned already was from Structube, but I should mention it did come in different colours when I was there (that does not mean they have different colours or even this exact chair in stock now). In the hanging planter are plants that I bought at Mika Fleur Studio, just down the street from me. This is an adorable shop that has a good variety of plants and kind staff! That vase holding lavender was also bought there, as a Christmas gift from my brother. It's handmade, which I think is really freaking cool! The lavender bunch, which smells amazing, I bought from Fresh Market Farms! That skull and flower print sitting next to my lavender is by an amazing local artist who has a small shop called Clever Clippings! It was at a local market in December 2021 I discovered her work, and I've been obsessed with her art since! Soft grey grommet style curtains tie up this spot quite nicely. This room isn't huge but in it I've created three designated spaces - a cozy bedroom with a reading area, home office, and workout spot (yoga mat and foam roller are hidden behind the wall to the left of my desk that pops out). The hard work was 100% worth it! I'm proud of what this space is now compared to what is was when we moved in, in July 2021, and I'm especially proud created this myself! Whether you want or need work done on your home/small shop/stuido, message me and I can happily help turn your space into an oasis without breaking the bank! I can do work for you virtually, and safely in person if you're in the GTA. Email or DM me on Instagram anytime to talk projects! I thought in case anyone does wonder, I'd share where I got everything! Below is also a list of everything I bought and what the grand total was! White art desk with storage (Ikea): $159.00 Twin bed frame with storage (Ikea): $379.00 Metal and wood standing shelf (Ikea): $79.99 Five drawer storage (2, Michael's): $74.99 each - gift White pintuck pleated comforter (Walmart): $54.97 Light grey blackout grommet curtains: $20.00 Vintage velvet accent chair (Structube): $119.00 Side table with two swivelling tops (Umbra): $170.00 Triflora hanging planter in grey (Umbra): $68.00 Skull and flowers print (Clever Clippings): $20.00 Lavender (Fresh Market Farms, bought at market): $10.00 Handmade Vase (Mika Fleur Studio): $40.00 - gift Peperpomia hope plants (3, Mika Fleur Studio): $12.00 each Watercolour lake print (bought at an artisan market): $40 Canvas prints of my photography (Best Canvas): $48.90 for both

Trio of pink floral prints (3, Snapture This): $15.00 each Decor and dried flowers (The Apartment Life): $200 *I went into this vintage store with that budget. What I got is two candle holders being used as vases, two big vases, 4 bouquets of fried flowers by Euclid Farms, a leaf shaped ash tray, the Toronto Landmarks print, the vintage clock in mint green, my pink garbage can). It was a good haul* Total for all items WITHOUT the two that are listed as gifts: $1,449.86 Total for all items WITH the two items listed as gifts: $1,639.84 Total for furniture I bought (bed, desk, metal shelf, chair, table): $906.99

October Mist , One Gallon (Benjamin Moore): $58.99 Toasted Mauve, Two Quarts: $25.99 each Total for all paint: $110.97

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