Lifes Biggest Lessons

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I'm not quite 30 yet but I've been experienced a lot in my life already. I've lost the two uncles who were in my life. Every aunt I had a relationship with is gone. My grandparents are no longer here. Most other relatives I don't know or get along with. From my teens through to my early 20's I self harmed. I'd cut up my arms, legs, stomach, breasts.. I cut any part I could cover up with clothes or jewellery. I didn't know if I'd stop. At 16 I tried out for Canadian Idol. At 20 I fell in love with someone who turned out to be a narcissist At 22 I was finally diagnosed properly with anxiety and dysthymia (a mild, long lasting form of depression). At 25 I'd gone to college and dropped out three times. At 26 I was in such a bad sport my mental health was a mess and I was down to just 75 pounds. At 28 I can say that my life and weight is more on track than it's been through all my 20's. I haven't had an exotic life. I wasn't a child who was spoiled with money. My mother made sure my brother and I knew young that being white in no way does or will ever mean we are better than anyone else, I was raised to understand and believe everyone is an equal to me, that everyone deserves respect (given you were shown it). Travelling was never a thing I did. My life has been fairly simple but I've always had more than everything I need.

It's safe to say in my first almost three full decades of life I've learned a hell of a lot. These five lessons (taught or learned via experience) have always stuck with me and always will: 1. Your family is not always going to be the people related to you. In some cases, it might not be a single (blood) relative who turns out to be your family and truly have your back. 2. Love is not all you need. In my eyes, it's never all you need. The Beatles lied. I respect that people believe it's all you need, but my experiences lead me to believe otherwise.

3. Standards and boundaries are a must. Protecting your heart and energy will hurt and offend people sometimes, it's a part of life. Each one of us deserves to protect ourselves.

4. When an opportunity comes your way and you have even a small inclining it might be right for you, say yes! Taking chances is how you learn, grow and discover who you are! 5. You were not born to please everyone else. Be who and whatever you feel you're truly meant to be and your vibe will attract you to the right tribe, or lead the right tribe to you. We're constantly learning. The life lessons we each take with us are one of many things that help shape you were are, what we believe in and stand for, and how we each live. What are some life lessons you live by? If you'd like to share them with me or chat about life stuff, feel free to connect with me on Instagram, @kreativekaiteydecor is my handle!

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