Planning An Affordable Update

Updated: May 7

Maybe you never got around to the spring cleaning you meant to do, maybe you recently moved and this summer you'll be working on settling into said new space. Whatever the reason may be if you have decorating to do over the next few months I've got tips on how you can create an airy oasis you will love year around that won't break your bank account. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform any room, in my opinion, is by giving it a paint job. If you have no plans to buy new furniture or change materials such as the flooring, cabinets, counters, lighting etc then one of the most effective ways any room can be transformed is by painting it. The whole feel of spaces can be changed this way whether you choose one colour, do accent walls, or create murals! You can busy a low or now VOC paints at your local hardware or paint store, but if you want to pick colours from home and have paint+ supplies delivered to you, I would suggest using Digby! Another great way to change your space without doing any renovations or expensive projects is mixing textures! You can do this with your area rugs, pillows, throw blankets, choice of drapery, even bedding. Which patterns and colours you choose also play a role in showcasing the vibe and style of a room. Depending on where you shop (local and small shops in your area is great place to start or do your shopping) you can buy great pieces that will add dimension, pops of colour, and personality to your spaces! Flowers and/or plants throughout all of (or even specific parts of) any place we live can help liven or brighten it up! Not only that, for many people they have a calming affect and on bad weather days/through winter they can lift moods - they do mine! I suggest going to a local shop for things like this instead of picking them up when you see them in grocery stores etc. Small business owners need the money more and as a part time essential work of the last 6 years, I can tell you flowers (dried or real) and plants are better looked after in small shops. Depending on what you buy and where you're shopping, you won't be spending too much money either! Having more than one dedicated space in a room can work, but it's important they all still feel separate to avoid said room feeling cluttered or unorganized. Where and how you set up these dedicated areas is important. When my mom, brother, and I lived with my grandmother I had my room set up with a cozy bed that was also my spot to read in the mornings, the closet I had was where my clothes/shoes/coats went, a square standing shelf that held my stereo and accessories, and a small desk in the corner that was a work are for me. I had enough floor space to play with my cats, workout, do yoga, etc. How I made each space feel like it's own area was with my wall decor options. Some string lights, Spaces looking and feeling like an oasis for people is the goal, but functionality of any space is always top priority. If a room doesn't flow and function well, it will be a space you most likely don't enjoy no matter how good it looks. If you have a bedroom to decorate, for example, and it's not big enough for a ton of furniture then forcing a bed, shelves, dresser, and desk into it doesn't make sense. That area of your residence would look clunky and messy, it would feel that way too. Some people think multi-functional pieces are more expensive than furniture with one purpose, but if you go to the right stores you can find fair prices! For example: when I shopped for a new bed at Ikea in 2021, I was able to buy the twin size one with four drawers and two shelves for about $330. Other stores sold similar ones, but were being sold for a higher price! It's all about shopping around to be sure you're getting a good deal on furniture, materials and decor! If you don't need to do a full redesign or don't want to spend money on one, I say come up with a plan for what you'd like to do and set a budget then go for it! Great places to look for visual inspiration if you don't know how you'd like to transform a room are Pinterest, Instagram, and good old magazines! Remember, spaces you spend time in should feel like an oasis so create a vibe that will fit your personality and fit with your preferred interior style!

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