Top 2021 Trends

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Another year is upon us. I won't say new because nothing about 2021 has been different from or better than 2020. Much of the world is in round two of lock downs, many places are under a stay at home order. The longer we stay home, the more our homes change. The four walls and roof many of us are fortunate enough to have access to has become a classroom, dance studio, gym, new office, stage, pet grooming centre, salon and more.

How we all live in our spaces has changed, it's natural that decorating and design trends have as well. I'm going to share some of the biggest changes I've seen this last (almost) 11 months, and share how you can easily achieve each of these looks + vibes yourself!

Contemporary Coastal

This style is known for it's airy, bright and comforting vibes. If you want your space to be modern but look and feel like you're living in a cozy place on the Cali coast, this is a good way to do it! A combination of colours resembling the sandy beach, texture, light woods (floors, furniture accent pieces). natural light, wall art, and clean lines blend the coastal and contemporary and vibes nicely, creating beautiful oasis'. Get The Look: clean lines, neutral + ocean colours, wall art, natural light, light flooring.

English Eclectic

Picture your grandparents traditional house with a modern twist, and colour. That's what the English Eclectic look basically is. It might not sound like this design style can actually look good, but done right it 100% can. You have to get the right mixture of vintage pieces, colours, patterns, and texture in the materials to get this look just right. If you do, you'll have a space that's vibrant and inviting without being too much for people to take in! Get The Look: vintage furniture, colour, mixed patterns, carpet, wallpaper, velvet.

Get Happy

Get Happy is known as the style for people who are creative and interested in bold designs. The key to getting this style right and not overdoing it. Equal amounts of colour, patterns, texture, and warmth are important in making your space bold and bright, and not a mismatched mess. This look is easier to achieve than it may sound.

Get The Look: bold colours, quirky art, fun patterns, layering, soft fabrics.


If you think this is a mix of the Japanese and Scandinavian decorating styles, you're right. The functionality of Scandinavian style combined with the minimalist Japanese style creates a light, bright, and clean space. It's a perfect style for people who don't have a lot of square footage in their place or just enjoy keeping everything clean! Get The Look: neutral and black palette, plants, raw light woods, organic materials.

Modern Artisan

This is a style is all about celebrating a cultures rich history and the modern look. Many pieces (furniture, rugs, decor, etc) are handmade by local crafters and makers, which is where the artisan vibe really comes in. Clean lines, a monochromatic colour palette, and metal and glass materials bring in a modern, simple, clean look to a space.

Get The Look: handcrafted pieces, neutral colours, soft fabric, large art, clean lines.

Since many of us can only go out for essential or emergency reasons, brightening up our spaces and bringing the outdoors in has become popular. These interior styles can each be achieved without breaking the bank, it's all a matter of finding the right places to shop and creative people to work with! If you try any of these the next time you decorate, send photos so I can see how it went for you! I love getting to connect with you, my readers!

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