Privacy Policy

Since we sell custom decor and have to get items shipped to your home when doing a design project, Kreative Kaitey Decor has to
collect a certain amount of private information from you to successfully
ships things. This shop promises anything private will be kept 100%
confidential. I will be the only person to see your full name, loaction, specific address, or postal code. Nothing will be shared or posted!

Fairness Policy

We live in a world that unfortunately was not built to be fair and equal to all people. In my world, I choose to treat every human with kindness
because it is simply what we all deserve. When supporting my shop, I
ask you keep in mind my shop and the platforms I use to market are all
safe spaces. I don't tolerate hate, racism, sexism, or phobias of human
beings (regardless of how they identify). Be fair and kind to each other,
and with what you get on a decor item if you do a custom, thank you!